A Poem In Honor of My Former Co-workers... My North Star Brothers and Sisters!

The North Stars

By Todd Slinde

Eons ago, high and wide, in a far northern sky
With gaze and wonder, many asked how and why?
A constellation of stars had gathered in the north
Could so much illumination be brough forth?

This constellation, brilliant in its luster
Energy and light put forth, all they could muster
They showed the world how to brightly shine
As a group brilliant, individuals intense and fine

Some have since burned out, sadly faded away
Others still shine bright, like that very first day
We remember with joy, the good and faithful friends
We'll soon forget the tragic sad ends

This constellation, beaming as if they were one
Ages of radiant legacy before they were done
We know this was genuine and oh very real
We know this in our hearts, because that is how we feel