About Eagle's NEST name & logo...

Growing up, I always had a love for Eagles, especially Bald Eagles. And just as much, I have always had a fascination with nests … from eagles or hawks, any large nest to me, was fascinating.

Even more importantly, the imagery that opens up the book of Genesis (Ch. 1, vs. 2) shows the Spirit of God hovering over this newly forming creation. The New International Version (NIV) Bible Commentary says it this way, “like an eagle ‘hovering’ over its young with great concern”.  (For complimentary phrasing and meaning, see Deuteronomy 32:10-11 and Isaiah 31:5)

From the very beginning, God showed great concern for his creation – we should too!

Joy and Peace!

Todd Slinde, President & CEO

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Our Mission

  • Committed to Providing Quality Creation Education
  • Leading to Better Environmental Integrity and Conservation

Our Vision

  • Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering the faith community in the efforts of adherence to our God given calling to be stewards and protectors of our earth's environment and natural resources … God’s creative works.
  • Building bridges of trust and common ground between the faith and non-faith communities over ideas and efforts that protect and preserve our earths environment and natural resources … God’s creative works.

What We Believe

  • God is responsible for the created world
  • We can learn about God and His attributes from His creation
  • We are called to care for His creation
  • We must provide education to the faith community (both to youth and adults) regarding the above topics
  • We must mobilize the faith community toward greater care for God’s creation
  • We must partner with those outside the faith community on important sustainability and environmental issues

What We Do

  • Make Educational Presentations
  • Provide Expedition Bible Studies
  • Write Helpful Articles
  • Keep This Website Updated
  • Connect via Social Media (see icon links below)
  • Facilitate Fun Weekend Retreats
  • Offer Outdoor Nature Excursions
  • Set-up Outdoor Excursions to Take Action

Why We Do It

  • Ever-increasing Environmental Crisis and Concerns:
    1. Poor Water, Air and Soil Health
    2. Endangerment of Species and Habitats
    3. Abuse and Dwindling of Natural Resources
    4. Uncertainty from Global Climate Change
  • Lack of Christian Education about God as the Creator and Preservation of His Creation
  • Outreach - Young People are Concerned about these Issues
  • Outreach - Many in the Non-Faith Communities are Focused on the Issues of Sustainability and Environmental Protection
  • To “bring joy to the Father as he looks down from Heaven”