"You did a great job of helping us tie in what we've learned in traditional science education. I'm excited to see your Expedition Curriculum being taught to youth and teens, our next generation - promoting your curriculum with the youth across our country and beyond! May God continue to bless Eagle's NEST to His glory!" – Dorothy Collins (Visalia, CA)

“On a very warm Saturday in October, First Presbyterian Church joined with Eagles' Nest US to sponsor a Drought Landscaping Class. We offered it to the whole community of Coalinga. We spent about 45 minutes learning about the proper plants, their planting and care and then we took that knowledge and put it into practice as we exchanged a lawn for a drought resistant garden. Members of the church and community friends helped dig holes, build hills and plant more than 30 plants! What a transformation! We were excited to share this with our town and to share our desire to be good stewards of this earth. Many thanks to Todd and Terry Slinde for their informative and exciting presentation!” – Rev. Mary Raine (First Presbyterian Church, Coalinga, CA)

“The Expedition information was consistent and a refreshing reminder. It renewed my interest in praying for our world and those who work so faithfully to care for it. It was good to find new ways to make my small contribution. Thank you! God is good!” (Diane Aldrich, Visalia, CA)

“Outstanding presentation. You really do a great job of bringing in the participants and stimulating them to make the commitment to be stewards of the environment.” Steve Lawton (Visalia, CA)

“The Expedition class offered a strong connection between biblical passages and science. It opened our eyes to the numerous biblical passages that clarify our stewardship of our earth. The class lit a fire under us to identify how we can help our planet. Thanks Todd for an insightful and fun class.” Jackie Lawton (Visalia, CA)

“Eye opener” – “It (the Expedition class) opened our eyes to the seriousness of what we are doing to God’s Creation. The facts and percentages were amazing. We are challenged to be better stewards for this earth – for us and future generations. Thank you, Todd!” John and Coco Garner (Visalia, CA)

“The (Expedition) presentation ‘bridged’ God’s word and scientific evidence and thoughts. It was a wonderful accumulation of scientific evidence mixed with God’s Word and the thoughts of conservationists. This would be a great addendum to a college ecology course. We all need to be better stewards of ‘our’ environment and ‘God’s’ environment. Todd is a modern day John Muir.” Greg Collins (Visalia, CA)

“The scripture references that we read/studied in the first sessions were so helpful – sometimes reading familiar scriptures in a new light. The time for reflection, sharing personal stories and insights were important as well. The (Expedition) study was SO enjoyable – feeling the companionship with others who are seeking understanding and insight together.” Cathy Mitchell (Visalia, CA)

“I thought the Expedition was well planned, biblically based and thoughtfully presented. Todd did a great job, was easy to listen to and to participate with, he was very respectful of differing points of view.” – Rev. Rick Lemberg (Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church, Oakhurst, CA)

“I thought it would be boring, but was pleasantly surprised how interesting and informative it was.” Waonita Montgomery (Oakhurst, CA)

“This was extremely relevant for today’s society and culture. Thank you for further enlightening our church family on this subject. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation”. Ronna Hendrickson (Oakhurst, CA)

“(This was) very eye opening to me who often takes too much for granted”. Mary Ann Ziegler (Oakhurst, CA)

“I particularly liked seeing both the Old and New Testament references. The interactive nature made us experience these concepts. Nicely done Todd!” Kathryn Comfort (Three Rivers, CA)

“It’s imperative (that) we extend this information to others. Thank you for this special information and suggestions.” Bobbie Harris (Three Rivers, CA)

“Excellent Gospel support for environmental activism”. Ken Allison (Three Rivers, CA)

“I learned a lot. I liked the blending of Bible reading, science/data, personal sharing. (This) strengthened Biblical, spiritual, intellectual ties for conservation and creation care. Informative, enjoyable and moved right along”. Hilary Dustin (Three Rivers, CA)

“This was well presented with relevant biblical sections. I had no idea the Old and New Testament contained so many references to (the) Creator and especially creation. Thought provoking. Thank you for your caring, courage, humor, humanity and efforts!” Kay Woods (Three Rivers, CA)

“Todd’s relaxed and informative presentation brings both scripture and science alive and accessible. It was an affirmation of God’s grace and provision for the breadth and depth and expanse of creation- from the reaches of the universe to the smallest creatures. (This) is a positive and helpful look at serious ecological concerns. The preacher in Ecclesiastes said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” This study reviewed the roots of God’s creative works and Biblical injunction for humans to care and respect what God has given us – an old message that we need to hear anew”. Rev. Marilyn Creel (Community Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers, CA)

"Two of Boys & Girls Clubs' priority outcomes are Healthy Lifestyles - adopting a healthy diet and making healthy lifestyle choices and 2) Good character and Citizenship - being an engaged citizen, involved in the community.  Eagle's NEST is helping us accomplish both by coordinating our garden project and through their facilitation of our partnership with Sequoia Riverlands Trust.  Kids are learning to care for the natural world around them and how nature takes care of them!" - Galen Quenzer, Executive Director - Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sequoias

"Eagle’s NEST has been instrumental in linking Sequoia Riverlands Trust and the Boys & Girls Club of the Sequoias to create a pilot project for underserved students in Tulare County. This program combines weekly classroom activities with monthly trips to Kaweah Oaks Preserve to provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the outdoors. With today’s easy access to technology, many young people fall prey to inactivity, obesity and apathy. With the help of Eagle’s NEST, Sequoia Riverlands Trust is creating opportunities for underprivileged youth to get outside, get active and develop a relationship with the natural world. In addition to Todd’s commitment and support of youth programs, the Eagle’s NEST team has provided hundreds of hours of volunteer labor at Kaweah Oaks and Dry Creek preserves, working on restoration projects, trail building and harvesting native seeds for SRT's native plant nursery." - Bud Darwin - Education and Volunteer Director, Sequoia Riverlands Trust

“Our small group was thoroughly impressed with the Eagle’s NEST Expedition study series. Todd’s presentation gave us new insights into environmental stewardship and God’s plan for us in caring for his creation. Always inspirational and never political, the Eagle’s NEST Expedition series is perfect for any small group study that wants to deepen their understanding of the biblical text as it relates to our role in the natural world.” - Doug Rodgers (Visalia, CA)

“We spent a full day participating in the Eagle’s NEST Expedition program. Todd was able to blend the Creation Story with current environmental information. It was informative, fun, non-political, and extremely thought provoking. We especially like the way he generated open discussion that encouraged interactive participation. We left that day with a better understanding that God’s plan for us is to be better stewards of the Earth. And now we are aware of some ideas to join in His plan.” - Mike & Jane Grassel (Visalia, CA)                                                        

“Our church sponsored a one-day 'Expedition' at Calvin Crest (Retreat and Conference Center) with Todd. Our group appreciated the blend of Scripture, theology and education on current challenges to environmental sustainability. Todd is a wonderful presenter on this subject and we could sense his concern not only for the stewardship of natural resources but also the spiritual implications that relate to the Christian faith and practice. Should you or your group engage with Todd and Eagle’s NEST, you will leave better informed and motivated to be a better caretaker for God’s creation.” – Rev. Dr. Patrick Sheahan (Pastor, Westminster, Fresno, CA)

“This was very well balanced. I would absolutely recommend this study to others. I expected it to be good but it exceeded my expectations. Fun, comfortable, informative, scary and encouraging to protect our planet more!”  Rev. Steve Raine (former Pastor, Easterby Presbyterian Church, Fresno, CA)

“Todd is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. He approaches the topic holistically, with reverence and honor to God.”  Mary Raine (Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Coalinga CA)

“The Expedition series was a great time for our small group to focus on our responsibility, as people of God, to His creation. While members of our group are diverse in our political philosophies and our responses to some of the current environmental issues, Expedition was non-threatening, brought us together, and made us think about our relationships with God, each other and the world we are privileged to live in.” – Galen Quenzer (Visalia, CA)

“I learned more of God’s desire for us to care for this earth. This is not something that I normally think about while reading and studying scripture. I really liked and appreciated the neutral manner of this Expedition.” - (Anonymous – Fresno, CA)

“This (Expedition) is a wonderful program. I enjoyed it tremendously and learned many new ideas to take with me.” - (Anonymous – Fresno, CA)

“You (Todd) do a great job on an important subject for all people of faith.” -  (Anonymous – Fresno, CA)

“Well written materials. (This is) a good use of information that has been collected and now shared in this way.” -  (Anonymous – Fresno, CA)

“It (Expedition) was fun and educational. I learned many (new) things from the Bible to Climate Change. The instructor was very helpful on questions or (helping) understand. I will tell people about my experience.” - (Anonymous – Bakersfield, CA)

“This (Expedition) was very well done and I learned a lot. I loved the Biblical studies included (and) I think most people would benefit. I hope other groups will take advantage of this ministry.” - (Anonymous – Fresno, CA)

“I always learn new things each time. (Todd) does a good job of combining a little ‘lecture’ with a lot of discussion and presentations done by the participants.” - (Anonymous – Visalia, CA)

“The (Expedition) study generates discussion of important issues to us and future generations and makes me reflect on my responsibilities. (The study) definitely blended scripture and science and (Todd) generated discussion and guided those discussions very well.” - (Anonymous – Visalia, CA)

“It is great that (the Expedition study) combined science AND the Bible! Bless you (Todd) for your efforts in protecting our planet.” Anonymous, Coalinga CA

“It’s important to solidly establish the Biblical mandates for taking care of creation.” Anonymous, Visalia, CA

“I truly appreciated the (Expedition) presentation, the scripture references and the positive feeling it gave me personally. Todd, you truly are a blessing!” Anonymous, Coalinga CA

“The (Expedition) content brought to mind so many issues facing our planet. We have much to do!” Anonymous, Coalinga, CA

“The Biblical passages were very pertinent and the research topics and Eco Action Tips were very useful!”  Anonymous, Coalinga, C