Eco Action Advice: Water Conservation - Mulching!

Spring is here … the calendar says so, as well as the weather. Many are now out working in their yards and gardens. Here is some great and important advice about saving water in the landscape or garden. Simply apply a layer of mulch to the bare ground around your plants. A good mulch is an organic compost and a little bit on the courser side. Community and political leaders in many western states are asking their residents to conserve water this year. California’s Governor has asked ALL residents to reduce their water consumption and usage by 20%. Depending on the circumstance, a two to three inch layer of a quality organic composted mulch can actually save 20% to 70% of the water applied to the landscape. This is due to less water evaporation from the soil.

Benefits of mulching:

  • Adds beauty to the landscape - as opposed to bare ground.
  • Adds organics nutrients to the plants and the soil – the organic benefits will filter down into the soil profile.
  • Inhibits weed seed growth – a thick layer of mulch will reduce the germination of weed seeds reducing labor later in the season and the need for spraying chemical weed killers.
  • Acts as an insulating blanket for the soil – protecting the plants roots from excessive heat during the summer months and excessive cold during the winter months.
  • Saves water – as stated above – Less water, less often!

When shopping for an organic mulch, the following are all great choices:

  • Kellogg Gromulch or Kellogg N’RICH
  • G&B Organics Soil Building Compost
  • Master Nursery Black Forest

Visit to learn more about these products.

Take action to save water – MULCH NOW!